【This product will be targeted at VR developers】
VAQSO VRは、VR映像と連動して匂いが出るデバイスです。VR映像と匂いが連動することで、よりリアリティの高いVR体験が可能になります。匂いはコンテンツにあわせて、最大5種類の匂いカートリッジを付け替えて使用します。匂いの種類は、ホットコーヒーの匂いからゾンビの匂いまで15種類の匂いを展開しています。法人向けに1種類 $3,000にて匂いのオーダーメイド開発も承っております。



VAQSO VR is a device that smells in conjunction with VR images. By linking the VR image and the smell, VR experiences with higher realism become possible. You can use by adjusting the smell according to the content, replaceable up to five different scent cartridges at a time. Currently 15 types of smells available ranging from smell of hot coffee to smell of zombies (to be expanded further in the future).
For corporate customers, we also accept customized scent development at US$ 3,000 per type.

Developers can incorporate the action of instantly switching smells to VR content or momentarily erasing smells by using the free APIs released by VAQSO. Depending on the VR image and the action of the game, the scent interlocking smoothly can bring a user experience that has never existed.

Note: There is a possibility of a bug depending on usage and environment because this device is not mass production for general consumers. We are now making improvements for mass-produced products. We appreciate your understanding.

• When turning two or more fans at the same time, the operation may become unstable. In that case, take measures such as switching fans alternately operating at high speed.

製品名:VAQSO VR (Dev kit)
本体サイズ:H 30 × W 147 × D 83 mm
本体重量:125g (カートリッジ無し)
接続端子:Micro USB
匂いの持続期間:約3日(使用環境により変動) *匂い補充ツール付属
Product name: VAQSO VR (Dev kit)
Body size: H 30 × W 147 × D 83 mm
Body weight: 125g (without cartridge)
Connection terminal: Micro USB
Maximum number of scent cartridges installed: 5
Durability: 3 days (fluctuate depending on usage frequency) *Scent replenishment tool included

*価格は$1=¥113 + 消費税8%にて算出しております



* The price is calculated by $ 1 = ¥ 113 + consumption tax 8%
* Please choose 5 types of smell from the following
(Please describe the type of smell of your choice in the remarks column of the purchase confirmation screen)

We are sorry that some product shortages have occurred. We will update it as soon as it is ready.
Missing items / Chocolate, women, gas

Environment system: sea, fire (gunpowder), forest (lawn), trees, earth
Food / drinks: coffee, milk caramel, chocolate, curry, fried chicken
Others: zombies, women, mint, gas, bouquet

¥ 121,740